Saturday, March 27, 2010

Endangered Species

Kissimmee, Fl, Monday, March 22-24, 2010: The Gaylord Palms had fine displays of endangered species.

The advent of new technology often leads to the disappearance of the old. While you could find a few payphones, it seems like the desire for more pay phones expired just after the payphone booths were installed.

Isn't that a sad site? Both out in the wild, and here in captivity, pay phones are disappearing at an alarming rate. Could have something to do with global warming? ;-)

Reminds of when I was in Mexico City in 1986 (for those of you who just said to yourself, "1986? I was in Kindergarten!" Shut up.) Anyway, talk about hyper inflation. The currency had changed so quickly that the coins meant for the coin slots in the payphones were worthless and out of distribution. Therefore, local calls from pay phones were free. And if you're in Mexican politics, you become an overnight genius about survival and free payphones along with subsidized subway fares (4 cents in Canadian dollars in those days) kept people elected.

Anyway, downstream from the man-made waterfall, is an alligator and turtle habitat.

Inspiring many kids who had never seen a live alligator before to suddenly need one at home with great urgency. Mooooooooommmm!!! (I asked too. Mireya said, No! Dammit!)

Just what do alligators lounging under the heat lamps think about anyway? The answer is likely in the right photo.

And I'm sure they'd love to have you for dinner. Literally!
For those of you who like reading about wildlife, here are photos of the different signs along the walkway explaining what you could see in the habitat.

I'm not certain if all of these species are endangered, but some day when Greenland's ice sheet slides into the ocean, the Everglades will be gone forever.

We learned from visiting the San Diego Zoo that the species kept together aren't necessarily found that way in the wild, but they can live together without eating each other.

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