Thursday, November 22, 2012

Michael Jackson! Live From Jubilee Park, London!


October 6, 2012

A short walk near the Parliament Buildings but lots to see.

Postcard shots are almost too easy here.

10 Downing Street, where the Prime Minister lives. Surely there are more cost-effective neighborhoods where you can raise your kids behind bars.

If you have to tell the world which way to look for oncoming traffic, doesn't that tell you something? Ever seen "Look Left" at Times Square or Union Square in San Francisco?

Look at all of the jet trails in the sky left and right.

A Thames barge made famous by the Queen's Jubilee last spring, although the weather was much better in October.

First Class...

And Coach...

"Piccadilly Whip," huh? Is that like Miracle Whip? Oh, the torture!

If you're going to the hospital, seems like you have 3 choices, the Truth-telling hospital or the standing room only hospital or...

This one...

Got to admit how photogenic the London Eye ferris wheel is.

It is the world's tallest cantilevered observation wheel coming in at 443 feet (135 metres) tall with diameter of 394 feet (120 metres). There are taller ferris wheels in Singapore and China, but they use a different architecture required to support their enormous mass and centrifugal force.

Standing room only for 18 GBP (29 USD). I passed.

For those terrestrially bound, there is a playground.

Ooooh! There's Michael!

Nice, but I prefer to worship the baby Michael Jackson. :-)

Everyone loves soap bubbles.

"What ho!" Even on a day off, I can't escape the phone business.

These guys add new meaning to "hanging around."

British Rail's Hungerford Bridge.

Maybe going overboard on the sunscreen here.

Here I am practicing with puddles.

Painting this structure yellow worked. Eye catching. Even from the London Eye.

Even the 'boarders have issues with the current government. David Cameron has only been Prime Minister since 2010, for goodness sakes.

Is this their replacement candidate for Cameron?

Tree wrapping?

Why would this guy set up a camera and tripod on a set of stairs?

Whoa! And without a net.

Seems to be catching... and it's all fun till someone breaks a leg.

Looking back from the Waterloo Bridge...

Looking the other way, the city is growing up(wards). And with such interesting architecture. The dome on the left is St. Paul's.

It was October 6. Book your Christmas party already? I asked my London friends, yes, the demand is huge.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Green Park Deckchairs


October 6 & 7, 2012

Green Park is a beautiful space near Buckingham Palace.

These deckchairs are just so British.

What a perfect place to rest.

In case you're interested...