Sunday, May 9, 2010

State Street, Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara, CA, September 7, 2009 I've meant to post these photos for a while. They're from our Labor Day road tip last year. Santa Barbara, named after Barbra Streisand, who lives nearby, but don't include her home on any satellite mapping! Santa Barbara is a truly lovely city with a mission theme that runs through much of its architecture. The actual Saint Barbara lived in the 3rd century and you can read more about her here. For you literalist plausibles out there, I was kidding about Santa Barbara being named after Streisand.

We stopped for lunch and took a stroll up and down State Street before continuing home. I screen captured the above photo from Google Maps, the rest are mine. Santa Barbara is about 5.5 hours south of San Jose on Highway 101.

Where did you have lunch today? Wouldn't you have rather eaten here?

The statue is called Who's in Charge? Wasn't that the name of an old TV Show starring Tony Danza?

I just love this flowering trellis near the Granada Theatre.

Here's your choice, get on your next call, or borrow one of these bikes for an hour. If only it was that easy.

I remember holding hands while riding bikes. Looking at this photo more closely, it looks like she was riding barefoot and was holding his handlebars to keep her balance so she wouldn't have to put her foot down on the pavement. Had that been me, though, I would have scored that as, 1 hand holding. How would you score this? Makes me think I should set up a new social networking site: Post random photos of couples and let the public score them on their appearance and romantic appeal... maybe not.

ZZ Top were in town. Or as we call them in Canada, Zed Zed Top. Who knew? (Psst, literalist plausibles, kidding again, this car was a look-alike to ZZ Top's Eliminator) You see many of these old cars in California, ZZ Top's was the 1933 Ford Coupe (one year later than the 1932 Ford Coupe made famous to a new generation by the Beach Boys' "Little Deuce Coupe.") Must be a lot of fun to restore and show off those old cars.

There is a good balance between indy stores, like Blue Bee, and national chains, like Starbucks. The mission style buildings make the chains less intrusive. And it seems like if big box stores are nearby, they are far enough away to let these smaller businesses thrive.

Looking forward to going back there again this summer.

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