Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Sunset at Seal Beach

Seal Beach, CA 

August 6, 2012

Larry and I went for dinner at O'Malley's on Main in Seal Beach, which is just east of Long Beach and the northern most coastal town in Orange County. BTW: great pub food, I'm going back there on another trip.

Main Street: 

Not only is Seal Beach a popular hang out...

You can surf the tacos...

But maybe I'll pass on the local seafood. Would you eat a fish called a Croaker? Makes no difference if it's Black or White. I see that the Barred Sea Bass was also banned. Was its name a self-fulfilling prophecy?
Warning sign on the Seal Beach pier
Two navy vessels snuggle close nearby,

An oil rig in twilight puts a sparkle in my eye,

Long Beach container cranes before an orange sky,

Summer sun set at Seal Beach (cue the violins)

(the music fades out...)
Kite-flying off the pier.

After sunset.

Usually, going to the beach is a major reason why we vacation in Southern California. This time, I had too much to do, so, sadly, this was the only Southern California beach time I got this summer. No regrets, even without the serious beach time, this was a great trip.

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