Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ginko Biloba

San Jose, December 6, 2009: Looking outside through our windows last weekend, I noticed how the Ginkgo Biloba tree out front had dropped its leaves in an undisturbed distribution under its branches. If you use your imagination, the dropped leaves resemble what a reflection of the tree from a pond of water would look like.

A one minute research exercise tells me that Biloba refers to the leaves’ double lobes, the Latin, bis for two combined with loba for lobes. Ginkgo is an misinterpreted Chinese word by Engelbert Kaempfer who was the first westerner on record to have seen the tree in China. The actual Chinese word, according to Wikipedia is Ginkyo. And, you know, since it is written in Wikipedia, you know it’s true. ;-)

Here’s the Ginkgo Biloba in front of our home.

On the right: I’ve always loved how trees form cathedral arches over pathways.

Here’s another view. A lot of greenery still. Some of these are evergreens, others drop their leaves all year long, which keeps the gardeners employed.

These trees on the right look pretty windswept and the pile of leaves on the street makes it look like the left tree had an embarrassing accident. ;-)

A carpet of leaves on the lawn. Also looks like a bedspread.

On the right: The north side of this tree is lighter, the lighter leaves on that side suggest that sunlight, or lack thereof has affected the coloring.

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