Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ice Cold Beer

July 29, 2009, Vancouver, BC

It was sweltering. In all the 35 years I lived there, up until 2000, I don't remember it ever being hotter than 85 degrees. However, in the last week of July, this year, it was in the high 90s and low 100s (30 to 35 degrees Celsius.) Nobody has air conditioning at home and the houses are built for cool, wet weather, which is the normal year round Vancouver climate. Sleeping was challenging at best. Funny that in 2008, at the same time of year, it was chilly and wet.

The heat didn't spoil the vacation: we all had a really good time. 

This sign, from a pub on Main Street near 12th Avenue, isn't all that hilarious, but I like this sort of thing. The air temperature is 32ºC, so why not have a beer that is 32ºF?

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