Saturday, January 2, 2010

Poor Man's Sidewalk

Richmond, BC: August 2, 2009

This one’s a little silly, but then again, so am I!

Around the office lately, I’ve been hearing terms like, “a poor man’s browser” referring to a very utilitarian browser that we’re testing on a product. While we were visiting Richmond, BC, this summer, I saw what you might call, a poor man’s sidewalk.

Rather than pouring a concrete sidewalk, they simply put is some concrete traffic barriers to make a separation. Maybe the requirements said, “after paving the road, pour concrete to make a sidewalk.” And, faster than you can slap the concrete dust off of your hands, presto, a poor man’s sidewalk, sorta, kinda.

I can imagine the conversation at the time:“Well, didn’t say what shape the concrete had to be poured in, now, did it? …Hey, are you, are you going to finish your Twinkie?”

From standing there, if you turn around 180 degrees, my gawd, there they are, real sidewalks. This is not a poor neighborhood by any means. That house on the left in the photo above and on far right in the photo below would likely sell for $800,000 Canadian, which will be worth well over $1M USD when the price of oil goes back to $150 a barrel.

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