Friday, January 1, 2010

Hot Dogs & Other Beach Stories

Laguna Beach, CA: September 5, 2009 We’re getting more rain in cloud in San Jose these days. Made me think back to a day we enjoyed at the beach last summer.
Hot dogs in the cool shade. Both the air and water temperature are perfect in Laguna Beach in late August/early September. You don’t get a chill in the water, you don’t shiver when you come out to dry off. There are also two stores one block from the beach that sell all the beach gear anyone would need at fair prices. You can show up unprepared and equip yourself in pretty short order. We try to come here every summer.

Looking for a little something by the beach? Amazing view from this house and of this house. Ever seen a patio door open that way before?

The streets aren’t paved with gold, but this fire hydrant comes close! Beautiful tree lined streets and along the different vista points on the cliffs above the beaches.

Does this parking meter come with a user guide? These pigeons were calmly parked along the railing, no meter on these guys. Panhandling is discouraged: and these gift meters on the right are offered to help the homeless.

Aristotle contemplating a bust of Homer? No… Aristotle Onassis contemplating the home of Buster Keaton? Nuh-uh. A boy pondering a statue of a homeless man? You got it! This man, known as, the Greeter, was, according to the local folklore, an animated character who lived in Laguna Beach when it was a small town of squatters in the 1930s. Did Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, spend his wild youth hanging out with the Greeter?

Mireya and I had lunch with Larry and Brent at the Greeter (restaurant), and then had a really good time walking around the town together.

I just love this Southwestern, art deco architecture in the middle photo. However, looking closer towards the front door, this restaurant seems to only serve people who are 5’0” or taller. What’s up with that?

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