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Pacific Coast Highway between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, CA: October 17, 2009
Thought I’d go and check out the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival. I figured that Highway 92, the most direct route to Half Moon Bay would be overcrowded, so I approached from the south. On the way, I stopped by a pumpkin farm off of the highway, which was much more fun than the festival turned out to be.

Rodoni Farms, near Davenport. Artichokes, Brussels Sprouts and Leeks, oh, my!

Many grocery store variety pumpkins were lined up in the field with scattered wagons offered as shopping carts.

“In the meadow, we can build a pumpkin man…”

I’m melting!!!

Many interesting varieties of pumpkins and squash.

Ever heard of Pink Banana Squash before?

All you witches (and curlers) out there: important reminder, don’t drink and broom.

Fambrini’s: a u-pick strawberry farm selling the fruit of the season.

This was the next farm up the highway toward Half Moon Bay.

The festival itself was a little lame, but there was this interesting carving and the ever exciting World Pumpkin Weigh-Off. I understand that a farmer from Iowa won this year, which makes this as much of a world championship as the Super Bowl and World Series! Unless, you know, the Australian and South African entries melted on the way over. No word either way on that.

Speaking of pumpkins, doesn’t this house in Richmond BC (from last June) look like the place where your parents threatened to leave you if you didn’t behave? Every day is Hallowe’en for these folks. Not sure if I’d want to come home to this place on a stormy night! Maybe there was a coffee stain over the word “accents” where the specs asked for fieldstone and wrought iron accents. The photos don’t do this house justice, it is truly hideous.

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